Being Selective. @kriswillis69

As the national hunt season draws nearer to is end I am struggling to find value and worth while selections on a day to day basis. The last few weeks have found me placing selections myself on horses that clearly haven’t delivered,  there has been a lot of upsets of late and feel if continuing to post it would seriously effect my profit loss. I am placing this message just to let our followers know I am still plugging away in the background just not advising selections for the sake of it, my time has been taken up of late too due too the arrival of my son so don’t want this to effect you guys too. I am looking still on a day to day basis and when I feel there are selections to be made I will post them. I felt I had to put this out there as it’s gone a little quiet on my front and it’s not through choice just me being cautious and trying to look after my betting bank and yours.


thank you


kris @h5b

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