UFC selections #12

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Maia to beat Masvidal 2.1 4U

Firstly I’ll take about the striking in this bout. JM is the supior striking especially at boxing range DM would be in trouble if he is at this range for extended periods of time he has also shown to be a bit chinny. Nothing happens at kicking range from either so I’ll just ignore it. In close JM would usually look to dirty box and he would do this better than DM but he is going to be so scared of takedowns that at this range he will hand fight making it look like DM is winning if it goes to the judges. JM has good takedown defense against wrestling but DM does wrestle like a college wrestler does he has a very weird takedown game that JM will never have seen before. If this fight gets to the ground DM is on another plant from anyone else in MMA he will submit JM if it hits the floor.

The price on Maia to win is still there if you haven’t already got on. So for the upcoming card UFC211 which is stacked I have 2 more bets as well as a DraftKings line up for this weekend. Also this weekend I have seen some other bets which have caught my eye with a very watchable boxing card coming from Leeds. Let’s start with the UFC bets.

Jessica Andrade to win 2.45 1U

This is the toughest test for both fighters. Andrade is the hardest punching strawweight fighter. We have seen that JJ has a suspect chin and suspect striking defense. She has a great striking game offensively and that is always a danger but only at range. If JA comes in with the right game plan and pressures JJ from the start cut off the octogon and push her against the fence and dirty box then she should win easy.

Frankie Edgar to win 1.73 2.5U

This is an easy fight for me I don’t get everyone betting on Rodriguez he has flashy striking but doesn’t have one punch KO power. Frankie will take him down and keep him down possibly get a sub but more likely this goes to an easy 30-27. Even if my some miracle YR takedown defense is good enough FE can win this fight on the feet if he pressures YR into the fence and dirty boxes. For YR striking to work he needs space and time these are two things that FE will not allow him.

Kiko Martinez to win 10.5 1U

While I agree that Warrington should be the favourite he should not be this short. In his last 21 fights since the start of 2010 Kiko has lost 4 times to Frampton twice Quigg and Leo Santa Cruz. He is a good boxer and it is a step up in class for Josh one that we don’t know if he can handle, I am worried that this problely goes to decision and the fight is in Leeds so Josh could get some home cooking but at the price more than worth a shot.

I have been dipping my toe into DFS. I play for fun and I’m getting better at picking a good line up with a mix of finishers and ones I’m more confident in them winning so at least I get some points. This week on DraftKings looks interesting to me there are two fairly low priced fights who I do like. Anyway below is my suggestion for a Draftkings​ line up for UFC 211 no points advised just play for fun and this is just advice of who I am playing.

Jessica Andrade $7,400
Gadzhimurad Antigulov $9,400
Frankie Edgar $8,600
Damian Maia $7,800
Stipe Miocic $8,500
Chase Sherman $8,300

Thanks and good luck

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